N.Y. Executive Limousine Inc.

Fleet of Vehicles

Our fleet consists of new and luxurious stretch limousines to accomodate any occasion. We carry these vehicles in both black and white models, with a beautifully illuminated interior. All models carry a Fully Stocked Bar, Flat Screen Televisions, CD Player, AM/FM Radio, DVD Player, as well as many other accesories. 
         Vehicle Capacity : 6 Passenger, 8 Passenger, & 10 Passenger Vehicles


The flagship of our sedan division is the Mercedes-Benz S Class vehicle. These vehicles supply a driving experience like no other in its class. With a stunning black clear coat exterior and a rich black leather interior, it is no wonder why people would choose this vehicle. This german engineered classic delivers an outstandingly comfortable drive for any passenger. This vehicle comes stock with onboard navigation, CD Player, AM/FM Radio, dual climate controls, as well as parktronic. With the parktronic equipped, a passenger will never have a fear of being surprised by traffic coming from behind the vehicle.

Vehicle Capacity : 4 Passengers with Trunk Space


The Sedan division of our company also employs the lastest versions of the Lincoln Town Car. These vehicles were designed for passengers to ride in. With a black clear coat exterior and remarkablely comfortable black leather interior, you will feel a ride like no other. These vehicles have more passenger leg room than any other vehicle in the fleet and carry a number of ammenities. With remote controls located in the hand rest for the AM/FM Radio, CD Player, and dual climate control system, the passenger will never have to interrupt the driver to adjust anything.

         Vehicle Capacity : 4 Passengers with Trunk Space


The Cadillac Escalade is a flagship among its SUV counterparts. With a stunning black exterior and a rich black leather interior, it makes for one of the most exquisite vehicles in its class. The vehicle comes with a touch screen center console system for the passenger to preprogram their radio stations either via the AM/FM Radio or through the factory installed Satellite Radio system. It has heated seats as well as comfort zone climate control which can be adjusted so that the rear can be accomodated with a different temperature than the front. There is ample leg room for passengers as well as an onboard navigation system for those hard to reach destinations.

         Vehicle Capacity : 10 Passengers with Trunk Space


The Chevy Suburban is one which is frequently seen among the streets of the city for its capacity and durability to handle passengers as well as cargo. The vehicle has a black exterior which is richly complemented with a black interior leather. The vehicle has seating for 10 passengers with ample leg room for everyone. As seen above, the vehicle is extremely spacious for any amount of cargo. The vehicle comes with dual climate control as well as a factory installed Satellite Radio system. This vehicle is ideal for any suburbanite looking for a ride around the city.

         Vehicle Capacity : 10 Passengers with Trunk Space


The Ford E-series Vans are comfortable and spacious in every aspect of a van. These vehicles allow seating for up to 14 passengers and there is enough cargo room for any traveler. All vehicles come standard with an AM/FM Radio and CD Player as well as comfy cloth seating. These vehicles are extremely useful for those travelers arriving at airports with large amounts of luggage.

         Vehicle Capacity : 14 Passengers Maximum with
                                    various Trunk Space Configurations


The Executive Transporter Vans are like nothing in its class. With a internal height of nearly 6'-0", you will be able to walk through the vehicle like a bus. The vehicle has a stunning black exterior with leather bucket seating within. It comes stocked with a Flat Screen Television, DVD Player, CD Player, AM/FM Radio, Internal Mood Lighting, and plush carpet floors. These vehicles have seating for up to 11 Passengers with a luggage compartment in the rear of the vehicle.

         Vehicle Capacity : 11 Passengers with Trunk Space


The 24 Passenger Minibus is the perfect vehicle for a mid-sized amount of passengers which require transportation. These vehicles are excellent for long trips out of the city or shuttles throughout the metropolitan area. These vehicles come standard with a Flat Screen Television, DVD Player, CD Player, AM/FM Radio, as well as a rear and overhead luggage compartment. 

         Vehicle Capacity : 24 Passengers with Trunk Space


The 36 Passenger Coach is the largest in the fleet of vehicles. With the capacity of holding 36 Passengers with luggage, it towers over everything in the company's line of vehicles. The vehicles comes standard with multiple Flat Screen Televisions, a DVD Player, CD Player, AM/FM Radio as well as luggage compartments. If you require a vehicle with the capacity to handle any situation, then there is no need to look further.

         Vehicle Capacity : 36 Passengers with Trunk Space


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